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Find Homestay for International Student ExchangeStudy abroad programs are nothing new. In fact, sending students to study overseas is a time-honored tradition that allows students to see the world and experience new countries and cultures, even as they further their academic pursuits. Unfortunately, the system for housing foreign exchange students has not changed significantly in decades, despite major technological innovations and a rapidly growing number of international students.

But is dramatically changing the landscape when it comes to homestay opportunities for students looking for study abroad programs. And although the new approach for hosting students is common sense when you consider the advances in internet technology, AmeriStudent has definitely taken the industry by storm by creating a forum where parents can view host family options for their children during their time in a foreign country.

Previously, families looking to save money on housing in a foreign country had to rely on a system that placed participants randomly with a host family. But with sites like Airbnb and VRBO allowing travelers to choose a private home to stay in rather than a hotel, it doesn't take much of a leap in logic to realize that the same sort of situation could apply to hosting students. AmeriStudent makes it easy for parents to select homestay situations that they think will best suit their international students.


Along with their parents, students can browse through listings of prospective hosts in search of those with kids of similar ages, family members with similar interests, and a close proximity to the school they'll attend. After selecting a suitable host family, parents can feel safe and confident sending their kids overseas. And students that are comfortable with their living situations are more likely to excel in their studies. With search options that allow parents and students to seek out families by city, type of home, hobbies, size of family, pets or no pets, and more, it's easy to find an ideal living situation for every student.


Find Best Study Abroad ProgramsThe number of international students coming to the U.S. is growing every year. And everyone involved can benefit when families are allowed to select the household and family that will play host to their children. AmeriStudent provides for a situation that is not only affordable, as with other types of homestay for foreign exchange students, but also customizable. When parents can handpick the homes where their children will stay while studying abroad, there's a much better chance that students will end up with a compatible family, a safe home, and a living situation that suits everyone.

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