Why You Should Become a Host Family in Los Angeles

Mar 26, 2020 10:59:29 PM

Interested in becoming a host family for a homestay Los Angeles program? AmeriStudent would like to personally thank you for your curiosity. Host families are integral parts of the homestay experience for international students, as they’re responsible for opening up their homes, providing exceptional hospitality, and guiding students through the study abroad journey. Without you, our students would not be able to pursue their college dreams, follow through with overseas opportunities, or explore the amazing adventures an LA homestay offers.

Why Should We Become a Host Family in Los Angeles?

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There are many reasons to become a host family, one of which is a generous monthly stipend. AmeriStudent supplies one of the largest payment systems in the United States with compensation ranging up to $1,400 per month. We want to alleviate any financial burdens you may have on top of making sure your international student’s needs are covered. 

Along with payment, you also have the opportunity for cultural exchange. Your international student can teach you and your family about their culture, while you get to teach them about yours. This process can not only bring new ideas, languages, and traditions but also the possibility of lifelong friendships that span worldwide. 

What Makes Being a Host Family in Los Angeles Great?

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For a host family, Los Angeles provides countless options for history buffs, prestigious schooling, and just plain fun. LA isn’t a global tourist destination for nothing. The city delivers stunning beaches, flawless weather, more museums than any other in the world, family-friendly attractions, as well as the glitz and glam of Hollywood. It’s the definition of an all-in-one deal since there’s always something for everyone. 

Ride roller coasters at Universal Studios, marvel telescopes at Griffith Observatory, stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or admire the unique pieces at the Museum of Contemporary Art. You can seek out less-known hidden gems like the Venice canals, almost perfect replicas of the real-life canals in Venice, Italy, Mulholland Drive for aerial views of the San Fernando Valley, or the Wildlife Learning Center, where you can actually interact with the animals.

Either way, as a host family in Los Angeles, there are almost endless possibilities to provide an amazing experience to an international student. 

Our Partner Schools Around Los Angeles

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Host families for international students can find no shortage of excellent schools in Los Angeles. AmeriStudent only partners with top of the line institutions who can support the transition to American student life and deliver plenty of extracurriculars, advanced courses, and other college opportunities for ambitious students.  

Heritage Christian School

Located in Northridge, California, Heritage Christian School is a newer establishment created in 2012 by the acquisition of Los Angeles Baptist Middle School/High School by Hillcrest Christian School. The school offers a large selection of AP courses, ESL learning, as well as music programs. 97% of the recent graduating class gained acceptance into at least one of their colleges of choice, some being Princeton, Yale, Stanford, and Duke University. 

Bloomington Christian School

Bloomington Christian School is known for its excellent college preparation with many dual enrollment AP courses, a tutoring center for SAT, ACT, and TOEFL tests, and scholarships from Grand Canyon University. The school offers an ESL course for all incoming students, including ESL History and ESL Bible 1 and 2 classes. Students have the option to consider their many extracurriculars, like clubs, arts, and sports.

Capistrano Valley Christian Schools

apistrano school

Named a National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education in 2003, Capistrano Valley Christian Schools students consistently achieve above-average SAT, ACT, and AP test scores for the state of California. The schools place an emphasis on helping international students lay a strong English language foundation for future college studies and offer a variety of ELD courses, like US History SDAIE, English SDAIE, Intermediate Reading and Writing, and more.

Oaks Christian School

At Oaks Christian School, 91% of graduates attend a four-year university, of which have attended all of the top 10 universities as ranked by the U.S. News & World Report. The campus includes a collegiate-style gym, black box theater, broadcast studio, costume labs, IDEA lab, 2 and 3-dimensional art rooms, graphic design studio, and more. The school offers 30 AP courses, 15 sports, and plenty of other extracurriculars, while their motto, “Preparing Minds for Leadership and Hearts for Service,” stands for all things growing through Christ. 

Village Christian School

Village Christian School provides a co-ed Christ-centered education that students can thrive on. They offer six academic concentrations, allowing for the exploration of potential career paths based on the Harvard model. Village Christian also has an award-winning theatre arts program and 29 athletics teams open to all students.

Bishop Alemany High School

Bishop Alemany High School has ELL classes for English, international counselors to support students with language or course difficulties, and a peer tutoring system so international students can receive instruction in their own language, resulting in plenty of support during a homestay for international students in Los Angeles. 98% of their students attend college,  some to top universities like Harvard. The school offers a large variety of sports, clubs, and arts options, including studio art, investment club, and speech and debate.  

Fairmont Preparatory Academy


All of Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s curriculum is University of California-approved, while offering a personalized approach to learning with individual college counseling services and unique course options at every level. Half of the faculty has lived or taught somewhere out of the United States, and over 50% of teachers have advanced degrees in their fields. The school has a near 100% college acceptance record with 25 AP courses, International Baccalaureate, an International Business Program, and others. 

Chatsworth Hills Academy K-8

Chatsworth Hills Academy’s mission statement is “to teach our students to think creatively, act responsibly, and build community.” The school stresses close student-teacher relationships to promote comfortability, small class sizes to individualize the education process, and a “learn by doing” approach to bring context and more fun to classrooms. As an International Baccalaureate World School, they aim to bring a program that creates internationally-minded people who can realize common humanity.

Whittier Christian High School

As one of Southern California’s leading private schools, Whittier Christian School has been teaching students for more than 60 years with over 5,000 alumni across the globe. The campus is a beautiful 20 acres, comprising of computer, chemistry, robotics, digital art, biology, and math laboratories. Alongside personalized learning and technology assistance, the school prepares students for college with strong academics and college counselor sessions every semester. As a result, 99% of their students go to college.

St. Genevieve High School

st genevieve

As the first high school in California and the first Catholic school in the nation to be named a “National School of Character” by the Character Education Partnership in Washington, D.C., St. Genevieve High School works hard to encompass an individualistic attitude. The school embraces characteristics of respect and valiant spirit while making sure every student feels safe and loved. With a slew of extracurriculars, various other awards, and campus updates, St. Genevieve holds a 98% college acceptance rate.  

Southlands Christian School

At Southlands Christian School, students are assessed for their English skills before being handed a schedule. This way teachers and staff can place the student in the correct ESL course relative to their needs. The school has a 100% college acceptance rate with 80% of graduates accepted into the nearby University of California and also provides college counseling with individual four-year planning, campus tours, college seminars, and on and off-site college fairs. 

Santa Clarita Christian School

As a member of The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Santa Clarita Christian School is the city’s largest Christian education establishment. The school provides AP, Honors, and elective classes, as well as a host of sports and fine arts to participate in. They have a huge focus on teaching students to be servants to their community and Christ while developing important leadership skills that will carry them into adulthood. 

Mary Star of the Sea High School


Located in San Pedro, California, Mary Star of the Sea High School focuses on superior education alongside Catholic principles. Providing 15 sports and over 32 different teams, all students are encouraged to participate in a variety of different activities to sprout opportunity and growth through the mind, body, and spirit. Small class sizes offer personalized teaching styles and shine through with 100% of their seniors graduating every year.   

Holy Family High School

Holy Family High School is an all-girls, private Catholic school that expresses commitment to their students’ work/life balance and well-being in this stress-inducing modern world. AP courses are offered based on the students’ interest and include Calculus AB, Music Theory, Studio Art, English Literature, Chemistry, Government, Biology, and more. Almost 70% of students participate in at least one of their athletic teams, while other extracurriculars like leadership, social justice, service, and student event clubs are also available.   

Vistamar School


Vistamar School’s curriculum concentrates on global consciousness, cultural competence, communication skills, important citizen qualities, and moral courage, as well as standard math, science, history, and English proficiency. With 17 AP courses, life planning practice, senior capstone projects, grade-level seminars, and a Mandarin and Spanish language mastery requirement, Vistamar teaches both independent problem solving and collaboration skills. Extracurriculars include the Honor Council, Peer Council, Student Leadership, Student Events and Activities Council, and Vistamar Ambassadors on top of 10 different sports. 

Glendale Adventist Academy

Glendale Adventist Academy promotes a life-long love for learning. The school believes in a Christ-centered learning environment, a progressive, up-to-date curriculum that educates using technology, and values that promote responsible citizens. The school offers rigorous college-prep courses, community outreach, art, sports, music, religious education, and other opportunities to stretch and grow into an ambitious young adult. The expected school-wide learning results are spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth. 

Join the Homestay Los Angeles Family

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A homestay Los Angeles program is a great way to earn an extra monthly income, create lifelong friendships, and learn about a new culture. You have the opportunity not only to help a young adult achieve their collegiate future but also show off your treasured hometown.

If you’re considering opening up your home to a student, we encourage you to apply as a host family.

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