Anyone who has studied abroad can attest to how enriching and life-changing that experience is. By immersing yourself in a foreign culture and educational system, you're afforded opportunities to gain new insights and perspectives that just wouldn't otherwise be possible. But the reality is, not everyone can devote a full semester or academic year of their lives to such an experience. Thankfully, short-term camps and programs can be just as immersive and life-changing when they include a great schedule of activities and welcoming homestays, and AmeriStudent offers both!

Why Should I Do An International Student Camp?

As we already mentioned, you don't have to study for a full semester or academic year to have an enriching international experience. Camps and short-term programs provide excellent opportunities to experience another culture especially if they include homestays. Here are some more reasons camps are a great choice:

  • Camps require a much smaller time and financial commitment than long-term programs, while still getting to experience life in another country.
  • Camps are a lot of bang for your buck. Most camp programs tend to have densely packed schedules including learning activities, language classes, and many sightseeing stops along the way. Especially in Southern California, there is a wealth of options for sightseeing excursions, including theme parks (Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios, etc.), museums and cultural institutions (The Getty Center, Disney Concert Hall, Huntington Library, etc.), shopping and food, and of course, the beach! Camps allow you to fit a lot into a relatively small amount of time!
  • Camps provide a great introduction to the study abroad experience that can inspire students to study long-term in the future. Many students who go on to study for a semester or academic year got their first taste of the study abroad experience through a short-term camp!
  • Camps are great options for younger students. Experiencing different cultures and ways of life are valuable experiences for anyone, but especially for young students forming their ideas about the world. While they may not be ready to leave home for long-term study, camps are a great way to expand the minds of young students who get to see the world from a different vantage point.
  • Camps build group rapport and are less intimidating than studying abroad on your own. It can be daunting for a student to consider moving thousands of miles away from his or her home to live in another country. Camps provide a short-term study abroad experience in the company of friends and familiar chaperones, and students get to build new friends while strengthening ties with their own group through shared experiences.

International Camps in California - Chatsworth Hills Academy Camp Opportunities

AmeriStudent's partnership with Chatsworth Hills Academy provides a snapshot of what a a great camp experience can look like!

Chatsworth Hills Academy (CHA) is a K-8 school nestled in the hills of the Chatsworth community in Southern California, with close proximity to all the tourist attractions L.A. has to offer. CHA maintains a large campus with plenty of room for activities - hiking in the hills above the campus, sports fields, basketball, and there are even a few animals on campus (chickens, pony, rabbits, and a pig). The staff and students at CHA are welcoming and open, making for a great experience as camp students study alongside American CHA students.

Offering shadow programs during both the school year and camp programs in the summer, CHA's camp curriculum is both rigorous and fun, with course and activity options in archaeology, state history, and fossils in addition to the standard courses in math, English, music, and science. AmeriStudent's most recent camp group to CHA got to visit tide pools at the beach as part of their science curriculum! CHA is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) school with an emphasis on hands-on learning, and the goal of developing challenging and enriching international education programs to form knowledgeable and inquisitive young people with an international outlook.

For our most recent camp group, AmeriStudent also coordinated the homestays for all the students and teachers. We maintain a strong, established base of host families in the Chatsworth area and other regions throughout California. We coordinated closely with CHA and our host families for a seamless program, knowing that each component depends on each other for the best and safest experience for our campers. After the students enjoyed their week at CHA, they went on to sightsee in sunny San Diego to the south and iconic San Francisco to the north, getting the complete California experience! We are proud to partner with such quality institutions like CHA that provide an organized, well-planned, and challenging curriculum while also making the learning experience fun and memorable!

Chatsworth Hills is just one of many excellent partnerships that AmeriStudent maintains, so whatever type of camp program you are looking for, AmeriStudent has something for you!

Planning Your International Camp in the U.S. with AmeriStudent

"All this sounds great," you think. But where to start? Never fear, AmeriStudent is here to help you coordinate, plan, and execute every step of your camp goals. Whether you're an agent or an educator looking to bring a group of international students to the U.S., or an individual looking to join a short-term camp, we can help! We will dialogue with you to find out exactly what you're looking to accomplish, and either match you with an existing program that fits your needs, or assist you in building the perfect camp experience from the ground up. We will also facilitate homestays for your group, which is a vital piece of the short-term experience and one of the things we do best. We maintain a large pool of qualified, CSIET-certified host families who will help you or your students make the most of their camp experiences.

Whatever your goals, AmeriStudent wants to help YOU study in the U.S.! Click HERE to find out more about the short-term options AmeriStudent has to offer, including sample camp schedules to get you started, or contact us today to speak with a representative!

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We are America's Favorite Homestay for Foreign Students!

Start your student homestay adventure with us today and find out why international student's from all over the world love AmeriStudent.

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