By: Meg Wilkins, AmeriStudent Staffer


The Benefits of International Short-Term Camps

A high volume of children and young adults from around the world are continuing to enroll in short-term camp programs in order to fully embrace the American cultural experience.  Summer Camps provide opportunities for students to experience American food, family life, and culture.  Parents are sending students as young as seven years old to America for two weeks to be involved in one of these camps.  But, why?  The demand for international summer camp opportunities is rapidly growing as parents recognize the developmental benefits of such overseas experiences.

Comparative Education

Taking a tour of schools in America, China, Greece, and Finland, you will be amazed at the differences in school facilities and educational psychology.   Each country’s educational system is unique and interesting to anaylize.

Key Classroom Differences

  • Pedagogy
  • Class size
  • School rules
  • School culture
  • School buildings
  • Teacher practices
  • Curriculum choices

When students attend a local school in California, they are able to observe first hand the different schedules, facilities, and teacher interactions.  It is powerful when students reflect and compare the differences between American schools and the schools of their home country.


When students enroll in a short term camp, they may choose between a school camp, a sports camp, or a tourist camp.  All of the different camp itineraries lead to students experiencing American culture first hand.  A trained staff of AmeriStudent  orientation leaders and camp coordinators can help students learn what to expect during their camp experience.  AmeriStudent staff can also help with translating, or help students process as they interpret a new culture and deepen their understanding of world perspectives.  This past February, a camp agent reflected on the experience, stating,  

“This winter, they [camp students] all experience many things; the landmarks give them many feelings, the homestay made them learn many American cultures and food.  It is a chance for them to learn new things, they also liked the school.  They knew the American education better, and the way they learn.” -Fanny, Chinese Camp Agent.



When a camp student lives with a host family, they get a true glimpse of the American experience.  Students broaden their global perspectives when they participate in:

  • Family Meals
  • Faith Discussions
  • Family games and activities
  • Warm and loving relationships
  • English Environment

English Exposure

 In international business, there is a growing demand for English to be a common language for exchange.  When children are exposed to a new language at such a young age, they have a better chance of being successful at learning the language with additional practice.  Coming to America, to practice English, even for just 2 weeks, can be extremely beneficial to a child’s English learning.


We don’t want to downplay how much fun it can be to travel to the U.S. and participate in various activities.  Students at AmeriStudent have enjoyed trips to Disneyland, Yosemite, Stanford, California beaches, shopping malls, and hiking trails.   Even though students seem so young to travel so far, parents continue to confidently send their children to America to participate in short-term camps, because they feel their children are supported and protected through AmeriStudent services.  For more information on how to apply as a host-family or how to enroll as a student in one of our various summer or winter camps please visit or email any inquiries to  


AmeriStudent is a global company offering full-service educational placements and homestays for international clients wishing to study abroad in the United States. From the moment our clients choose our company to the final plane ride back to their native countries, AmeriStudent is there, offering a wide array of excellent educational opportunities through our partnering schools, safe and quality homestay, and 24/7 support for every step of the journey.
We are America's Favorite Homestay for Foreign Students!

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We are America's Favorite Homestay for Foreign Students!

Start your student homestay adventure with us today and find out why international student's from all over the world love AmeriStudent.

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