AmeriStudent Goes Global

America’s Leading Homestay Provider Expands Delivery of International Student Homestay Management Services

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Pismo Beach, CA - AmeriStudent, America’s most trusted international homestay provider, announced a strategic multi-million investment in MyStay International (MSI), an Australian-based company and the leader of homestay standards in Australia for the past 12 years.

AmeriStudent and MyStay International are now leading the way in international student homestay management services around the globe. This strategic MSI partnership facilitates rapid growth of the respective business models and supports additional strategic AmeriStudent relationships throughout Asia and the United States.

Through this new global venture, AmeriStudent and MSI will expand and scale existing MSI projects, including the Global Homestay Network, and will facilitate growth for the new partner’s key worldwide projects, such as:

AmeriStudent’s investment is in direct response to the impact MSI has had on the global homestay services industry. AmeriStudent CEO and Founder, Adam Lee, said he has been watching MSI’s growth and expansion over an extended period of time. This partnership has established the collective group as the largest network of homestay organizations in the world.

“AmeriStudent and MSI have been dedicated, for years, to developing standards and quality services for students studying abroad. Our joint venture brings the best of both into one strategic focus, to benefit students and the industry,” said Lee. “This partnership opens new global networks and opportunities for all AmeriStudent relationships and entities.”

MSI Founder and Director, David Bycroft, said this week that the partnership development brings a new era of opportunity to homestay standards and the industry.

“We originally formed the Australian Homestay Network in 2007 and the American Homestay Network in 2012. We have successfully placed over 50,000 students in quality homestay, and this new partnership with AmeriStudent enables us to move forward rapidly,” said Bycroft.

The new AmeriStudent-MSI relationship expands global networks and opportunities for all AmeriStudent relationships and entities.

About AmeriStudent

AmeriStudent, based in California, USA, is a global company offering full-service educational placements and homestay for international clients who wish to study in the United States and has developed a reputation of being America’s most trusted international homestay provider. Fully certified by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), we offer full-year academic study, short-term camps, and university placement services, backed by a strong network of trusted schools, excellent educational opportunities, and safe, quality homestay with 24/7 support. AmeriStudent delivers quality homestay services and an experience that is integral to our students’ study abroad success.

About MyStay International

MyStay International (MSI) is Australia’s largest and leading standards-based international student homestay provider. In 2015, MSI was established to incorporate the consolidation of the Australian Homestay Network (founded 2007) and the American Homestay Network (founded 2012). Our core purpose is to facilitate lifetime relationships and be the global leader in properly-managed hosted accommodation for international students, based on the principles of accountability, integrity, transparency, personalized services, safety, and 24/7 professional support. Through our Australian Homestay Network operations, we have become the only homestay operator with formal Australian Government accommodation.