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Studying abroad is an excellent way for students to expand their horizons, immerse themselves in the language and culture of another country, make lifelong friends, and experience new and different ways of approaching education. But parents and international students alike can be understandably wary about the prospect of relying on a host family for safety and care. This is where companies like Ameristudent are so important. AmeriStudent not only vets every family in their homestay program, but they also provide the opportunity for parents and students to handpick from a vast network of families and homes interested in hosting students.

According to New York-based nonprofit the Institute of International Education in its Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, U.S. colleges boasted enrollment of nearly 820,000 international students during the 2012-13 school year, a number that rose by about 7% from the previous year, which logged almost 765,000 international students enrolled in U.S. colleges. And all of these students required lodgings. Some probably paid for dorms while others rented apartments. But for parents concerned about the safety of students studying abroad, the prospect of a homestay situation is generally preferable.

With international student enrollment in U.S. schools on the rise, more students will find themselves seeking a suitable host family to guide and protect them during their time in America, in addition to providing lodgings. And there is no shortage of organizations poised to provide this very service, finding families interested in hosting students and then making all the arrangements to place students with an appropriate host family. Traditionally, however, parents had no say in the home and family their foreign exchange student would be placed with. Ameristudent offers an alternative that international students and their parents are sure to appreciate.

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Homestay with California FamilyIn this day and age, travelers no longer need to guess at the quality of the lodgings they'll find when they visit a foreign locale. Thanks to the internet, we can now see photos, read reviews, compare prices, and find out everything we need to know before selecting a hotel or even a home to rent during travel. Why should a student's homestay experience be any different? Ameristudent has solved this problem by providing parents and their international students studying abroad with the same options that any traveler enjoys in this day and age.

Parents and their students can browse homes interested in hosting students and even search by criteria such as location, amenities, and even the type of home and/or size of family. Parents can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their students are in good hands and in a good living situation because they have chosen it. And the growing number of students visiting America in search of educational opportunities can enjoy comfortable housing and needed guidance even as they work toward a brighter future.

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