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Find Best Homestay Family California Connecticut student Icey and her host family


Did you know that AmeriStudent currently has students in four states?

While the majority of our students are placed in California (ranging from Fresno on southward), we have a sprinkling of students in Connecticut, Michigan, and Texas. As we look to the future of our company, we desire to see our presence in each of those four states grow and mature to where we have a solid, dependable, and diverse network of host families and schools to meet our clients' needs.

We believe we are already providing some of the best service to our clients, agents, and host families by our commitment to excellence in communication and providing end-to-end, quality options for our students and their families who are looking to make the most of their educational experience abroad in the United States.

But like any great company, we continue to strive for improvement, learning new things with each school year and camp, and refining our processes and logistics to create the best possible experience for all the parties we work with. The continued establishment of the above-mentioned network of host families and schools will be a vital piece in this process of improvement, as it's such a key component in the happiness and success of the students who come to study here. We are continually seeking out quality host families and contacts in all the regions where we operate.

AmeriStudent CEO Adam Lee says, "Our goal moving forward is to continue improving our homestay program and stand out from other companies. I believe long-term quality homestay is what this industry really needs. We want to become a trusted company and a company that does it better than everyone else."

Are you or someone you know living in one of our four target states (California, Connecticut, Michigan, Texas) and interested in hosting with AmeriStudent? Contact us today!

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