How to Prepare a Bedroom for a Foreign Exchange Student

Foreign Student in California BedroomThere are many benefits to hosting Foreign Exchange Student in your home, including the ability to make new friends and learn about another culture, the chance to help a motivated student expand his or her horizons, and even the opportunity to bring a bit of extra income into the household. But you will be living with a student for at least a semester, and maybe longer, so you want to make sure that your home is a comfortable and inviting haven when you elect to become a host family. Here are just a few steps to prepare a bedroom appropriately when hosting a foreign exchange student.

Deep Clean

Before you can take in any Foreign Exchange Student,  you'll go through a rigorous host family screening process to make sure your home and family are up to the task. This generally includes an inspection of your home by the organization you're joining. So you'll want to prepare your exchange student's intended room by deep cleaning at the very least. This means moving out furniture to shampoo the carpet, adding (or cleaning) window treatments, and even wiping down walls. When this is done, you can repopulate the room with appropriate furnishings, including a bed, a dresser, and a desk for homework.

Foreign Exchange Student BedroomSplash on New Paint

Most host families don't know early on if they'll end up with a male or a female foreign exchange student homestay student. So you don't necessarily want to opt for a gender-specific color scheme in the bedroom. Instead, repaint the walls in a warm neutral, like off-white or a sandy shade that will provide a blank backdrop for students to add their own decorations. This will freshen up the room without potentially creating the off-putting feelings that the wrong color choice might elicit.

Coordinate Linens

Even when you're far from home, there's nothing like beautiful, luxurious linens to help you drift off to dreamland. So instead of skimping here, start with a comfortable mattress and then spring for a nice set of linens that includes matching sheets, a comforter, and pillows. Again, a neutral palette should suit either gender and your students can always dress it up with colorful pillows or throw blankets after the fact.

Add a Few Accessories

When a foreign exchange student use a host family finder, they're not only looking for a housing situation in a certain city or near a particular school - they also want a host family they'll get along with and that can provide a comfortable living situation. So you'll want to avoid a room that's too spartan. Instead, add a few unique accessories like lamps, artwork, throw rugs, mirrors, and a pinboard for students to place their own photos. They can always swap out the items they don't like down the road, but when they first arrive, they'll feel like they're staying in a welcoming home rather than a monastery.